Comisia, excited by the last round's amazing result, decided to make this 100 points problem shorter and simpler.

In this problem you are given a nonempty string made out of lowercase and uppercase letters of the English alphabet and you must find out whether it's interesting or not. Comisia considers a string interesting if the string "Yardi" occurs as one of its substrings. She is exigent, so case really matters to her when validating a substring (for example, the strings "yardi", "YARDI" and "YardI" should not be considered).


The only line of the input contains the given string.


The only line of the output should consist of a single word, either "YES" or "NO" ("YES" when the given string is interesting, "NO" otherwise).


The given string is less than 100 characters long. Please note that the output is case-sensitive.


YardiIsLookingForPeopleLikeYouYESThe string starts with "Yardi".
YxaxrxdxiNOWe are dealing with substrings, not with subsequences.

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